Same Uniform, Different Team


(Left to right) Brogan McNab (9), Nathan Reeve (7), Coach Brown

Maya Collins, Staff Reporter

The varsity football team walked out in the same uniform this year, but they are a whole different team. New players, new coaches, and new leadership, has changed the way that many players are approaching the season. With no JV team, many younger players are stepping up and taking on new roles. Nathan Reeve is the youngest player on the Varsity team, seeing many minutes on the field as a seventh grader. He seeks the leadership of the older players to guide him and improve as a player. “I get to see all of the older guys play everyday and they help me get a better understanding of the game,” said Reeve. “The older players on the team mentor me and help all the younger players learn from and move past their mistakes.”

Veteran players are also taking on new roles to help lead the team. Freshman Brogan McNab is a second year varsity player who was the top running back in the county last season. McNab took on a new role this year as one of the team captains and the starting quarterback, leading the offensive plan. As a freshman, McNab has a lot of responsibilities to keep the offense in control. “It’s definitely a lot of pressure to run the offense and make smart decisions based on the team that we are playing, but it is also super rewarding to make a good play and allow us to score. Playing quarterback is definitely a change from running back but it’s fun to be able to play different positions and help our team become successful,” said McNab.

While they are led by both young and old leadership, this up-and-coming team is not on their own when it comes to coaching. Head Coach Hurley Brown is in his first year coaching at Holy Trinity, but he is no stranger to football. A veteran to the game, Coach Brown has been a coach at both the high school and college level. His experience on the field as both a player and as a coach has helped him bring a new perspective to the team. 

“We have so many young players that are extremely talented. At any time, I typically have a seventh grader and a senior on the field at the same time. Watching the older players help mentor the younger players has led to so much growth on this team. My main goal is to help each and every person grow as a player by continuing to develop their skills, both physically and mentally. Right now it’s all about learning to trust each other and working together as one team. Once we find that connection, this team is going to take off,” said Brown.