Boys Soccer and Coach Face Challenges

Coach Moreno will try to build on HT’s success while also coaching college team


Coach Adrian Moreno hopes to build on the success of HT’s boys soccer program. The team has won three consecutive district titles.

Keegan Harrison, Staff Reporter

The Holy Trinity varsity soccer team has seen loads of success in the past couple of years. This could very well be because of the coaching from Adrian Moreno, who this season will also be working as the assistant coach for Eastern Florida State College.

Coach Moreno, who was a student at Holy Trinity, also had played for the same badge when he was in high school. Little did he know he would eventually become the coach of the team, and also become a very successful one. Holy Trinity is entering the 2022 year as the district champions for three consecutive years. Moreno has similar goals as before. His main goal entering this upcoming year is to win the district trophy as well as make it to regional finals, which the team accomplished last year. This could be challenging. The team lost seven seniors last year, and 12 the year before. “This year’s team is much younger than years past, so we will be very inexperienced,” he said. The team only has four seniors this year. 

The preparation for this year has been different than that of past years due to Moreno’s work schedule. Because he works as an assistant coach at Eastern Florida, he has to plan more accordingly during practice. Moreno says, “The preparation for this year has been different than past years. I have taken more time to plan out the sessions and make them short and sharp.” He also highly encourages competition in practice to make sure everyone knows that they are in an environment where hard work is necessary. 

With Coach Moreno working two different jobs, he has learned a lot at Eastern Florida that will help him lead the Holy Trinity team this year. He says that there are many differences between high school soccer and collegiate soccer. For example, he says that the biggest difference is the recruiting factor. At Eastern Florida, they can find players from all over the world that fit their system, whereas at Holy Trinity he has to take the players that he is given and teach them the system. 

“The intensity is different in training sessions. In college, players are competing to take starting spots, whereas in high school players tend to be more relaxed,” said Moreno. He hopes to change that this year because the team will need to work extra hard to reach their goals. The main thing he hopes to see improve is the team’s playing style, because he is planning on implementing a new game plan that will fit the young roster better.

No one knows what will be in store for this young team this year. It can certainly be possible that with the coaching of Adrian Moreno and the ambition of the team, they can reach all of the goals that they desire.