What’s for Lunch?


Shelby Reeve

Holy Trinity has specific requirements that vendors must meet to become part of the lunch menu.

Sienna Houston, Staff Reporter

Lunch for most students is the highlight of their day. Lia Paige, Ancillary Programs and Revenue Manager, coordinates student lunches and has stepped up to the challenge of finding vendors that not only meet the school’s requirements but live up to the students’ expectations.

The ultimate underlying question students have been asking is what are the school’s requirements for the vendors?

“The vendor has to be within five miles of the school, willing to make individual bagged lunches, delivered twice a day on a consistent basis, and to give a discount for the number of orders,” says Paige.

It’s rather straightforward but in previous years it’s taken a dark turn. Tropical Smoothie was the main culprit. 

“Frequently half of the smoothies would just be sitting there,” said Paige. As an entire school, a great number of smoothies went to waste since as we all know after an extended period of time smoothies melt, and are no longer in anyone’s interest. Paige said Tropical Smoothie quit being willing to deliver, so ultimately we had to cut ties, ending the smoothie waste crisis.