Phillips Takes On an Old Role But New Team


Shelby Reeve

Coach Phillips explains a drill for the girl’s lacrosse team. Phillips returns back to his coaching position after six years.

Shelby Reeve, Online Editor

For the past three years, the girls varsity lacrosse team has struggled to find a persistent head coach. With the season quickly starting, the search for a coach has been deemed unsuccessful for Athletic Director James Phillips. With this unsuccessful hunt for a new head coach, Phillips has put it upon himself to lead the girls lacrosse team this upcoming season. 

Phillips was previously a coach for the boys varsity soccer team for 13 years, leading the team to many victories, including 10 district championships.  After taking on the role of athletic director for Holy Trinity, Phillips stepped back from the coaching position. However, with no other options Phillips will regain his old role as head coach for the girls lacrosse team. 

The girls lacrosse team will continue to have three year assistant coach Andrew Reeve and second year assistant coach Dave Betten on the sideline, helping navigate Phillips through the season, since Phillips has had no previous coaching experience of lacrosse. Neither assistant coaches were able to take the head coach position because of full time jobs outside of coaching. 

Nonetheless, coach Phillips has many goals with this upcoming lacrosse season. “The biggest goal is to get good team unity with everyone on the team fighting for the same goal and try and get the perfect performance from the team,” said Phillips. 

Phillips will continue the search for a new head coach of the team, until then, he will continue his new role as the head coach of the girls varsity lacrosse team.