2 in 608 Ashlyn and Sydney Borborglu


Shelby Reeve, Online Editor

There are nine sets of twins at the Holy Trinity Upper School. Twins are not an uncommon sighting here, with both fraternal and identical sets on campus. Most students go about their day not putting two and two together that some of their own classmates are siblings, let alone twins. 

Being a twin can be beneficial for some students at Holy Trinity, like fraternal twins Ashlyn and Sydney Borborglu, allowing for a built-in study buddy throughout the school year. “Having a twin does help me with school because if I forget about an assignment she’ll remind me and we can help each other study for tests,” said Sydney.

Not only does having a twin help with school work, but it also helps to have someone to go through everyday life with. “It’s like having a built-in best friend, just someone you are always with,” said Ashlyn. For Ashlyn and Sydney, being a twin has created a strong bond between the two in more than just a sibling type of connection. “I definitely feel closest to Ashlyn, especially out of my other sisters, which is really lucky because I know some siblings aren’t always as close,” said Sydney. 

Whether identical or fraternal, twins always have something to differentiate the two from each other. That something could be a freckle on their nose, glasses, or their own personalities. “We have very different personalities. Sydney is a lot more outgoing and I am not. She’s the one to go do the crazy things and just drag me along,” said Ashlyn. 

Sharing everything from cars to clothes isn’t easy for just normal siblings, but for twins, having to share birthdays can be even more difficult. “Sharing a birthday does get hard because sometimes we both have different ideas and sharing clothes gets annoying because somehow we both end up wanting to wear the same thing,” said Ashlyn. 

For twins, sharing these norms is nothing new. 

“I’ve never gotten tired of sharing a birthday because it’s all I’ve ever known so without it, it would definitely feel wrong,” said Sydney.